Over the last few years Ambidextrous has been working mostly on ambient or ambient techno music, but IDM has always been his "first language", so making this record was like a comeback to home grounds, a fun and easy journey.


It started in early 2016 with two or three tracks that became key part of his live show but soon a brief experiment evolved into a full-length record. Adding more beats to sound texture was a good opportunity to play around with odd time signatures. Nick was also trying to put together digital glitchy IDM sound and the 70s space / sci-fi feel.


The ideas of science, technology and progress (or "научно-технический прогресс" in Russian) were highly motivating for Nick as a child, and electronic music (a frequent soundtrack for movies or educational TV programs in late USSR) was a perfect implementation of this concept.

Ambidextrous | Echoes Of Silence | CD

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  • 1. My Life 07:55 

    2. Good Intentions 06:32 

    3. Euphocholia 06:13 

    4. Jonah's Trip 07:39 

    5. Long Way Out 11:36 

    6. Studio 5/4 06:49 

    7. Serpentarium 07:15 

    8. Pyrrhic Victory 05:21