In 1939, Jorge Luis Borges rewrites Cervantes' Quixote as fictional character Pierre Menard. The result of the rewriting is a line-for-line identical version of the original, written however from a 20th century perspective. Borges considers the new version to be much richer than the original; its richness lies not solely on the material itself but on the events that predate it. Literary cliches and narrative predictability suddenly take on different meanings. 

Dalot's new album is similarly a revisit and departure. After having gone through various waves of ambient/post-rock composition, like the experimental Labradford-ian Loop Over Latitudes, the SOTL/long composition 'orchestral' dark serenity of Minutestatic and a series of more formal experiments and collaborations, Dalot returns with an album that somewhat reminds of work even as early as her first EP Flight Sessions.

Dalot | Mutogibito | CD

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