Not All Those Who Wander are Lost
A Celtic Progressive Symphonic concept album that will transport you to the world inspired by the Lord of the Rings books by Tolkien.

It features fiery lead guitar playing, a progressive rhythm section, a real 100 piece choir, ethereal vocal textures, real strings, brass and uilleann pipes and irish whistles.

It starts at the Creation of Middle Earth and 14 tracks later it finishes with the voyage of Frodo to the Undying lands.

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Note: This album is not endorsed in anyway by the Tolkien estate.
released January 6, 2020

Produced and engineered by Dave Bainbridge and Dave Brons.
Mixed by Dave Bainbridge
Mastered Nigel Palmer for Lowland masters

The Urukai
Dave Brons: Electric guitar, orchestration, arranging, and easy piano (Tracks 7,8,9)
John Biglands: Drums and cymbals, acoustic guitar (track 11)
Daniel Day: Bass, low whistle, and classical guitar (Track 5)
Mark Swift: Piano and organ

The Wizard
Dave Bainbridge: Mixing, additional keyboards, electric guitar and percussion

The Eldar
Sally Minnear: Lady Galadriel narration, lead vocals, ethereal vocal looping,
Catherine Ashcroft: Uilleann pipes and low whistle and tin whistle (track14)
Maria Mullen and the Great Yorkshire Chorus: Choir and improvised vocal textures.
Jane Bryan: Flute, alto flute and piccolo.

The Men of Numenor
Ian Brons: Cello
Stephen Bradnum: Trombone, french horn, bass trombone, euphonium, tuba.
John Dey: Trumpets
John Clay: Cornet
David Hogan: Clarinet and soprano saxophone
Frank Van Essen: Violin, violas and the violin solo on track 5
'Red' Rich Davenport: Gandalf narration.

The Hobbits
Jaiden Vai Brons: Vocals on tracks 9 and 11
Kai Rohan Brons: Frodo's narration Track 12

Dave Brons | Not All Those That Wander Are Lost | CD

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  • 1. The Song of Illuvatar 04:56

    ​​​​​2. EÄ 06:09

    3. Into the Perilous Realm 05:10
    4. Awakened by Starlight 06:19
    5. Under the Same Sun 05:02
    6. The Shire : A long expected party 04:46
    7. The Pass of Caradhras 03:36
    8. A Prayer for the Fallen 02:11
    9. The Riders of Rohan 04:18
    10. Minas Morgul 04:30
    11. The Ring Bearers 06:56
    12. The Houses of Healing 03:50
    13. All The End of All Things 03:35
    14. White Shores and a Swift Sunrise 06:03

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