‘Cloudsurfing’ is the first in a series of planned ambient excursions from Divine Matrix, whose contemporary electronic works have proved very popular in recent years.

While previous albums have tended to be more rhythmic and sequencer driven, here on ‘Cloudsurfing’, it’s all about slowly evolving textures and gentle, pulse like sequences. The effect is also highly evocative, painting surreal and hypnotic soundscapes with otherworldly overtones. The effect is one of drifting through a strange, alien landscape.

Crystalline sounds and spacey effects dance delicately across warm, thick pads, the sound washing over the senses. The music may be ambient, but Steve Barnes knows enough about his craft to ensure his creations have enough form and structure to be involving and interesting.

Tracks like ‘Ominous Sky’ and the title track are actually quite beautiful and typical of Divine Matrix at its best, and even at this albums darkest, it is