Jonn Serrie's Lumia Nights encompasses the universe of both sound and sense.  Smooth gentle melodies and graceful space journeys surround you in an atmosphere of romantic elegance.  Lumia Nights Eau de Parfum is a sensual blend of exotic florals and musk, offering a luminous transparent bouquet. 


"Jonn Serrie is one of the great space music composers of the 20th and 21st centuries. He is also an expert composer of electronic new age romance music. Lumia Nights features some of the best of both worlds. Serrie runs the gamut but does not go to the dark side to capture his space elements. His music is timeless as he generates good will, solid vibes, and positive karma at every level."

- Jim Brenholts, allmusic

Jonn Serrie | Lumia Nights | CD

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  • 1. Lumia Nights    5:25
    2. Lovers In Motion    5:10
    3. Tidepools    5:48
    4. Autumn Leaves . Composed By – Johnny Mercer 5:13
    5. Starshower    7:34
    6. Evening Shade    6:05
    7. Deep Mystery    6:39
    8. Lumahai    7:57
    9. From Here To Eternity    8:53

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