This album together with Micheal Stears "Encounter" encompass what Space Music is all about and it was one of the inspirations that led me to finally open up my Space Gallery way back in 2005.


Jonn Serrie is synonymous with this genre of electronic music. Known for his numerous works commissioned for planetariums around the world, he has reshaped and redefined ambient space music. Jonn describes ‘Planetary Chronicles’ as a blueprint of his history as a planetarium composer. Over time he has scored a lot of soundtracks, this album is a combination of some of the more interesting ideas. Serrie’s imaginative playing and visionary compositional skills have revolutionised today’s contemporary electronic music. He creates a unique approach by combining the timelessness of space with the exhilaration of love, all within the sanctuary of Planet Earth.

Jonn Serrie | Planetary Chronicles Vol 1 | CD

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