Forming the first release in Kevin Kendle's exciting new DEEP SKIES series, this is music inspired by the constellation of Orion.

Take a close look at the background of this page. It's not a computer-generated graphic, it's a photograph - this incredible place actually exists....the Horsehead Nebula.

Orion contains some amazing features - supergiant stars, beautiful star-forming nebulae - these were the inspiration behind the amazing sounds on this album.

Kevin Kendle's most ethereal and celestial sounds to date!

Kevin Kendle | Light from Orion | CD

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  • 1. Horsehead Nebula

    2. Alnitak

    3. Bellatrix

    4. Great Orion Nebula

    5. Rigel

    6. Stellar Nursery

    7. Flame Nebula

    8. Mintaka

    9. Alnilam

    10. Betelgeuse

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