"Intervals of Light" is Mick Chillage's solo debut for the recently formed and respected Fantasy Enhancing label. 

Following the album release of "Between the Endless Silence" on Carpe Sonum's Novum Records, Mick again graces us with his trademark demonstration of lush and blissful arrangements, complex bonds and emotive elements. 

"Intervals of Light" is a journey taking place through internal fabrics and separate entities of unison. It offers an insight into the shared transition between two points with incomputable affinities. 

Mick's sentiments are evident by the wavelengths he wields to the listener, encompassing different depths of light. A year’s worth of sonic personal documentation is palpable by the seamless utilisation of field recordings and evocative synth work. 

Boons of beautiful chord progressions, impressive layers and intelligible moments mark "Intervals of Light" as a solid addition to Mick's accomplished discography.


Digitally released October 20, 2018 

All tracks written, produced and mixed by Michael Gainford between 
2017 and 2018 at the Igloo studio Dublin, Ireland. 

Thanks to Lee, Paul and Katie for her inspiration and support and for the cricket recording on "Wavelength" 

Thanks to all those who continue to support my music! 


Mastered by Black Particle 
Artwork by Kode Two


© all rights reserved

Mick Chillage | Intervals of Light | CD

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  • 1. Time Zones 16:16    
    2. Acuapor 08:07    
    3. Wavelength 16:41    
    4. Intervals Of Light 21:23    
    5. To Journey Without You 08:03

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