One of n5MD newer signings Okada has prepared his fourth album Love Telepathic. The album, his second for the n5MD imprint, has a more uplifting message and overall feel than 2015's darker opus Impermanence. Okada, AKA Gregory Pappas says of Love Telepathic: "it's about falling in love and eternally sustaining that love through the pitfalls and times where sometimes it seems all is lost". Love Telepathic reflects on love from a shadowier advantage. It poignantly looks towards the work, sacrifice, and even loss that often rears itself in a relationship. One key and important element of Love Telepathic is how positive the outcome of love can truly can be. Those that have a true undying understanding of one another shall overcome any hurdle together. And in some rare cases the understanding is so strong that words are meaningless. This is Love Telepathic.

Okada | Love Telepathic | CD

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