After a series of collaborative publications on multiple experimental labels, the duo of Toni Dimitrov (Sound_00) & Boban Ristevski (Lefterna) finds its'Elementals: Collabs 2' conceptual collaborative release on Winter-Light.'Elementals: Collabs 2' is an ambient/experimental release of deep drone contemplations and ambient exploration, good for deep meditative and learning sessions. 

'Elementals' gathers together selected collaborative works from the artistsSound_00 + Lefterna. All tracks have previously been released separately on compilations from the labels Fall Into Void, Post Global Recordings, HNM Recordings, AOsmosis and Crna Zemlja. For this release on our Winter-Light label, the tracks have been completely remastered by Cruel Sound Works, adding a richer, more distinctive warm feel to each piece.

Cover artwork and layout created by Midnight Sun Studio.

Glass mastered CD comes in a 4-panel full colour digi pack. 7 tracks with a total running time of 77:23 mins. 


وحدة SKU: WIN010
  • 1. Collab ep_09 (ii)  (07:10)
    2. Collab ep_10        (15:42)
    3. Collab ep_11 (ii)  (10:45)
    4. Collab ep_12 (ii)  (08:57)
    5. Collab ep_13 (ii)  (08:04)
    6. Collab ep_14 (ii)  (11:06)
    7. Collab ep_15 edit (15:36)

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