Having previously released the full length 'Opalescent Pust' on the Winter-Light label, the Portuguese sound sculpture VelgeNaturlig returns with an album of deep, immersive ambient drones - 'Kundalini'. 

On 'Kundalini', Ivo Santos presents us with an album, layered with a rich tapestry of dense drones, reverberating sub-bass and circulating processed sounds, cleverly woven together with field recordings. 

As with most, if not all of VelgeNaturlig's work, on 'Kundalini' the tracks flow together as one, creating vast musical landscapes to traverse within the minds eye. The music weaves an infinite pathway between the light and the dark, sometimes isolating but always keeping the listener engaged. 

'Kundalini' is an album of true awakening, invoking a clash of primordial sounds and energies. Let the currents flow..... 

All music by VelgeNaturlig. 
Mastered by Martijn Comes. 
Cover concept and design by Midnight Sun Studio. 
© VelgeNaturlig 2018 
© Winter-Light 2018 

Release date 21st September 2018. 

The glass mastered CD comes in a full colour, 4-panel digipak, limited to 300 copies. Running time 74:59.

VelgeNaturlig | Kundalini | CD

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  • 1. Padmasana    05:08
    2. On    03:50
    3. Hold    03:53
    4. Grey Sun    01:30
    5. Secret Dialogue    07:41
    6. Reflux    03:13
    7. Indra    04:01
    8. Matariki    11:04
    9. Flow    10:59
    10. Urur    05:11
    11. Tara    09:45
    12. Unboundedness    08:43